Foursquare announces Swarm, the new way to get together with friends

By | May 2, 2014

Foursquare, the location based networking service, which lets the users to check-in to venues, is  now divided in two different apps Foursquare and Swarm . Till now Foursquare is offering check in based and location discovery features in single app. Now it is separating these features and Swarm the new app separates the “where are my friends” portion of the app.

The location discovery and sharing feature to remain with the Foursquare, while the friend focused app to come in with new app “Swarm”. They new Swarm app may offer you to quick check-in, find the friends nearby, contact and plan for the later. Foursquare has announced that it may release the Swarm app for Android and iOS in few weeks. It may also release the app for Windows Phone later.


Foursquare on its official blog stated that, “We built the new app Swarm because you have told us how often you used to text your friends, ‘where are you’, ‘what up to you’. We thought to build a quick way for you to know these things for all your friends”.

With the launch of the new Swarm app for all the mobile platforms, Foursquare also may receive an update in terms of search feature and is also said to provide the answers for the queries like, “give me good dinner spot” and “tell me the nearest Gas station”. The company is almost finished the new version of the Foursquare app and it would start roll out the update in this summer itself.

Foursquare also stated in its blog that, “We always been helping you to keep up and meet with your friends and discover the great locations around you. Our two new apps Foursquare and Swarm are designed to do the same. Foursquare is for those who want to know the great places and share it with others. Whereas Swarm is for those who want to connect easily and fast with others”.

Foursquare is currently available to download. Download foursquare for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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