Foursquare 8.0 Review : An eventual food finder


Few years ago, Foursquare is a pinnacle for the social network users on the go and it let the users to “check-in” at the certain points, for example at mall, restaurants, university or stadium. Now a significant update has received for Foursquare and the first thing now you notice on opening the app is that all the signs of check-ins are gone now. Now the social feed, map of friend’s faces and the big blue button requesting you to check-in are now removed.

Instead of this now you can find the suggestions for the places grouped into various intents like brunch, dinner, coffee, fun, shopping and nightlife. Now it automatically picks an intent based on the time of the day, but you can also choose manually. It not only just show the list of the places tagged, but also predicts at what you mood you might be. These predicts form categories like romantic dinner, boozy brunch and fancy coffee shops with Wi-Fi.


Foursquare is the clevver app and takes the inputs from Netflix, which offers the sub-genres such as cerebral thrillers to help the users to find the content easily. It still provides more generic lists like “best dinner place nearby”, “places recommended by the people you follow”. Foursquare, like Netflix takes the lots of work to find the right thing for the right moment.

Foursquare 8.0 update has been totally revamped including the logo and UI. The main idea is to help the users to find the new dinning places and have the better chances of finding the new experiences with the places it suggests. Foursquare is at its best with this update and they have made an strong effort here.

On opening the app you will headed to the food categories which allow the app to locate the places which offers the best food. It then uses the background location data to offer some suggestions of the nearby events which you may interest along with your food location.

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