Form My Number an Android Brain Bluster Game


Form My Number is a new Android game which is interesting and also attractive for the uses who are good at mathematics, Maths means not a formulae maths its just simple maths regarding the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and squares. As it is a Brain Bluster game the user is under timer to use simple calculations to get the number which is displayed on the screen by its own digits.


How to play this game I will explain with an example always you need to start with zero and by using simple mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication and squares to obtain the number shown on the display screen. Lets us take an example the displayed number is 206. By adding 6 to the default number zero then add 2 and again add 2 ypu will get the sum 10. Now square the number 10 you will get 100, multiply the number 100 by 2 to get 200 finally add the number 6 to the 200 to get number 206. You should use the same number to get the number. If you finish this simple operations with in time you level will be enhanced other wise you need to play the same level. they are three difficulties three digit number, four digit number and five digit number.


  • This game is simple and tough maths gaming.
  • Variable difficulties are too advance.
  • Completing the game with respective time makes us interesting as well as addiction.


  • Level advancements goals are too difficult foe most of the levels
  • Playing Five digits number is little bit difficult.


  • Simple maths with basic operators addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and squares.
  • Three Difficulties levels, Three digit, Four digit five digit.
  • user Interface is good.


Over all I can say this game is simple to play but progressing the level make difficulty to play, Every one like this play because you need to complete this game with respective time which makes us interest.

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