Foradian Technologies – Story of tech startup in education sector


Foradian Technologies – Story of tech startup in education sector


Foradian Technologies started operations with web designing and web application company in 2009 in Kasargod, Kerala bordering state of Karnataka. This company was founded by Unni Koroth, Abdulla Hashim and their friends with capital of Rs 75 Lakhs in April, 2009.

Foradian Technologies developed an open source software product called Fedena, which is basically a multipurpose school or campus management software.

Fedena is a user friendly web application developed using the powerful Ruby on Rails framework, an excellent platform for stable and reliable product. It has wide range of features further can be enhanced by additional plug-ins. Supports multiple language option, secure and reliable which satisfies all web security standards. All it needs a computer with internet connection.


Fedena can be used in schools and colleges further can be scaled to suit universities and training centers. It helps head of the institution to track and monitors the activities of students and institute. The software is scalable can manage systems, in handling transfers among different institutions as well as in preparation of certificates, maintains a exam databases, generation of various reports to students, parents, teachers and non teaching staff.

Fedena has been deployed in more than 40,000 schools in Kerala, Karnataka and several African and Asian countries. More than 20 million people have vouched the software for its efficiency and ease in use.
Foradian Technologies created a plug-in marketplace called Fedena Marketplace, specifically for schools for the tools to run their institution. Further it can be scaled up by adding Fedena school management information system using the different plug-in available in the marketplace. Company generates revenue thru paid services for Fedena Customization, support, training.

Foradian Technologies has created software called Uzity which is a simple learning management system on cloud. It is a web application which can be used to create multiple courses under the same organization. Teachers and students of any organization can collaborate and learn the contents of the different courses.

Uzity Wallpaper

A single page web application will keep all learning activities together. The experience is same across managing users, courses, contents and organization etc., Switching between each module easy.

The discussion feature in Uzity allows learners and teachers of your courses to ask specific questions on the topic and get answers from other learners too. The built in notification system notifies the learners whenever a new course is added. It provides a bird view of the learning activities of your organization.

Recently Deloitte Technology recognized Foradian Technologies as 15th fastest growing and only ERP Company in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2014 list.


Foradian Technologies have been awarded with several awards like UK Trade and Investment awards, Nasscom Emerge 10 award for innovation in product and business model and few others.

Foradian Technologies operates out of Bengaluru, has 30 member staff has registered a turnover of Rs.5 crores which will get doubled for the year ending 2014-15. The company performance attracted funding in April 2014 of Rs. 12 Crores from William Bissell, MD, Fabindia.