Food recommending Startup HealthyOut acquired by Rise

Healthyout App

Breaking yet another news in the food-tech industry, the nutrition coaching app, Rise has acquired HealthyOut, the startup which provides recommendation on the restaurants serving healthy food around.

Rise has been a familiar name for people looking for online recommendation for nutrition and diet, as the app has closed in more than a million dollars in revenue in the first year running. It provides dedicated nutritionist to the users for $50 per month. Along with the dieting experts, the app also has a lot of recipes curated by the coaches to help users find the right balance in their diet.

Rise app

On the other hand, HealthyOut processes the menu of the restaurants around to filter the healthy dishes and then it recommends the restaurants to the users based on the needs. The sorting is done as an automated process. With over 750,000 downloads, the App boasts of having over 140,000 restaurants listed throughout the United States.

Healthyout App

Suneel Gupta, CEO Rise said, “Many members are out and about, and want to know to know what to do, you and your coach now worked on a profile that fits you, and recommend things you stay away from. Your coach will be able to create this perfected profile for you, all you need to do is tap a button and it shows you what menu items are in your area.”

The terms of the deal are not yet disclosed, however, it seems more as a strategic partnership where both the companies will continue to work on their product while benefiting the other.