FlyOut for Windows Phone arrived a month after its iOS launch

By | August 9, 2014

If you hate flies, then FlyOut is going to be quite funny and it is originally launched for iOS last month and it has now arrived to Windows Phone and Android too. The game is based on waves of naughty flies are ruining your day and they keep reproducing all the day and you need to do all what is necessary to stop them by using the machine guns or bazookas.

Initially the game starts very easily and flies move slowly from right to left and tap on the flies they will swatter and if you leave them it will become more insane. As the difficulty level increases the flies number get increases and it will be harder to kill, more number of weapons become available. New weapons will be shown on the screen and you need to tap them quickly before they fly off. These weapons can be used for about 7 seconds until they go back to the fly swatter.


The list of weapons includes machine gun, bug spray, minigun and bazooka. We hope that still varieties of weapons to come. There are multiple flies in the game which got their own powers and the flies are such as the fly, the fat fly, the mad fly, the speeder, the tough fly. At the top left corner there are three hearts and a heart breaks every time the fly passes you and if you successfully passess the wave you will get an extra heart and the game finishes if you loose all lives.


  • Weapons : Fly Swatter, Machine gun, Bug spray, Machine gun, Bazooka, Minigun and still more to come.
  • Normal and hardcore game modes.
  • Fight your way through the different kind of fly waves.
  • Different types of files with different personalities.
  • Challenge your friends.

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Author: Peter Jacksonn

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