Flutter : Touchless control media app on Windows


If you want to control the media of your windows PC or laptop without touching. Then there is an app for you. The Flutter is a free  Windows software, by letting you start and stop your music simply by showing the flat palm of your hand to your webcam.

Flutter : Touchless media controller

The Flutter is a free software for Windows operating system.  It is combined with your media app which are running on your PC. After that you can control your music with your hand movement. The Flutter can support play, pause, next and previous action for your media. The Flutter is compatible with various media players such as- Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC Media Player and iTunes.


The Flutter is famous for its efficiency. If you are sitting in the front of your computer typing away, and you want to change the track which is played on your any music player, then you would have to stop typing, look for the mouse, find the media player, then the track then you have to change, which takes lots of time. But with this amazing software Flutter, when you want to change tracks, only  you have to stop  the typing and hold up a hand in front of the webcam only by which the track has changed and you can back to back to typing. You can download this software from here!

With the use of  thumb, you can hold out for the right or left will skip the music or the videos which are playing on your media player. The Flutter extension is also available in the Google Chrome Store, with the help of this you can control the media play over the YouTube, Netflex, Grooveshark, Spoify and Pandora. The Flutter’s Chrome extension has also connected with the Flutter desktop application, which  is continuously processing images that are captured by your system’s webcam. The latest version of the Flutter has also supported the PowerPoint presentation  of your MS-Office with QuickTime and Keynote applications.

flutter application use

The software is responding when they get a specific gesture, such as a palm held up flat to signify play or pause the songs or media according to your choice. If you show your thumb in the forward and backward direction, then songs or the video’s are changed. The Flutter’s founders have also said that the company has plans for more capabilities such as- volume up and down gestures, a finger-to-the-lips gesture for muting, and a thumbs-up gesture to “like” songs will be introduced in its upcoming version.