Flick-to-Shoot QuickCamera app now available for any Android device


The Moto X is more than nine months old, a ton of time regarding mobile technology, however some of its characteristics are still unique on the market. Among those is QuickCamera, which gives you a chance to rapidly launch the camera with a simple flick of your wrist.


QuickCamera app is at present in alpha, so you should want a decent amount of issues with it. In any case, from my time with it, it essentially functions as promoted, allowing you to launch the default camera by basically rotating your smartphone twice. On my Nexus 5, the camera starts in about 1-3 seconds, which is really great, however different users on XDA reported longer times on occasion.

The same feature is already included with the Moto X to launch camera app, earlier that feature was only available to only this device but now any Android user can get this nice Camera app.

QuickCamera app work in any mode no matter your phone is in awake or sleep mode. As soon as you flick your device, the accelerometer will automatically detects the movements and launches the camera app for you. You can later change the what kind to gesture or movement you want to launch this app.

The app is open source and easily available for free to users, if you are a developer incorporate it in your applications or ROM. Visit Play Store to get this app and also if you join the beta community click here.

(Developers can get the source code of this app from GitHub).

The Only known issue with this app is its battery consumption. If battery is not an issue than you can go for this app for sure.