Flexrotor drone to stay in the sky for almost two days



Washington Aircraft Company Aerovel Corp has started to make a drone, which can stay in the sky for almost two days after taking off vertically. The company is building this drones by keeping fishery in mind. This drone will stop poachers and can target some specific type of fish.

This done is named Flexrotor and will cost $200,000. The drone will take off vertically with the help of its two bladed propellers. This drone needs very small space to take off, which means you can launch the drone from your boat also. This drone will stay in the sky for almost two days and it will even fly like a helicopter and will monitor the fisheries and send videos captured by its vantage point.

According to a report of Puget Sound Business Journal, Todd McGeer said, “The level of interest is high, we think our problem is going to be ramping up enough rather than having a lot of whitetails on our hands, “Whitetails” is an industry term for aircraft built with no buyers signed on.”

Aerovel has 20 employees right now, but to meet the production they are planning t hire more people, also says McGeer. This will be company’s first commercial product and they are planning to build the drones primarily for fisheries.