Flashout 2 game released on Google Play Store


Jujubee, the developer of highly renowned anti gravity racing game Flashout 3D has now released its sequel Flashout 2. This is the racing game with ultra fast ships, guns, arsenal of rockets and more. You need to be faster than your opponents to win and also you can shoot them for win. This game incorporates about few dozen of races along with online multiplayer mode in which you can compete with the online players. It features the game modes like Elimination, destruction and versus.

You can step in to the ultra fast of your choice and fight with your opponents to victory using the weapons, arsenal of rockets, guns and you need to be first in  the race to win the game. In the game you will be rewarded with bonus and upgrades. It features an addictive career mode with story elements, improvements through out the game. You can upgrade your ship with performance improvements.

This game features a high quality graphics and some of the best accessible controls that let you to focus on pure action, game controllers support and marvelous licensed electronic music.



  • Online multiplayer support with different game types such as destruction, versus and elimination.
  • Console high quality graphics.
  • Addictive career mode and amazing racing experience.
  • Ten highly detailed racing circuits like Los Angles, Warsaw, Paris, Moscow, London , Frankfurt and more.
  • Dozens of challenging races and licensed electronic music.
  • Weapons, upgradeable super fast ships and guns.
  • Precise and awesome controls along with accelerometer support.
  • Bonuses in the middle of the game.
  • Beautiful visual effects, control layouts, interactive equalizer.
  • Share your game status on Facebook and Twitter.

Flashout 2 is not available for free, you need to pay $1.99 and get it from Google Play Store