Flappy Bird returns with new features this August

By | May 15, 2014

Flappy Bird is an android game which was a  successor initially later every one started loved to hate this game, Now this game is coming again with a new features and refresh logic this august, as we all know that the developer of this game is dong Nguyen. The creator of this game said in a interview with CNBC that he is bringing this game flappy bird back with fresh and new thoughts and logic an also says that this new version of flappy bird will have an option multi player with less addictive than its predecessor.



Nyguyen pulled this new game from the apple stores amied worries game. The amied worries is the game which has million’s of fans who are spending lot of time playing the game. Flappy Bird which asks players to navigate a blob like animal which passes through the series of  green pipes makes sensation last year, Its Legend only grew when Dong Nguyen removed it from app stores , leading to the army of clones and donated to the charts for weeks. The original game had downloaded over 50 million times which was said by the creator of the game Nyguyen several times in an Interview with CNBC .

Information of the new game release is very slim at this stage but we can hope that game have to polish the final touches this time around. Through the crude nature of the original Flappy Bird was lot, whether this new game with new feature multiplayer will become addictive or not any how we have to wait until this new version flappy bird released.