How to fix resuming bug after uninstalling live lock screen beta

By | July 28, 2014

After much manipulation, Microsoft has released the first beta version of the Live Lock screen app for Windows Phone 8.1. This app offers the users to choose from six different Live Lock screen layouts with attractive new designs and layout for time and date and notifications changes in the lock-screen animation. There are some lock screen wallpapers which you can change throughout the day and it offers an option to use the Bing images everyday.

Currently this app is holding the rating 4.1 out of 5 in the Windows App Store and the biggest complaint from the users is the delay when turning on the phone. Rudy Huyn, the developer who is working on it to improve gave a reason that, “Live screen being an actual app which runs and a few other obstacles”.

When you uninstall the Live Lock screen beta some bits of the app are left behind. In this case when you turn on your phone you will see a blank display with a ‘resuming’ lag before you see the start screen. Yet it is not clear how to recreate this problem and it doesn’t affect all the devices. Check below for how to fix resuming bug after uninstalling live lock screen beta.

To constrict this situation you need to just enable the kid’s corner as  shown below.

  • Got to Settings>Kid’s corner>Setup or enable.


Still if your device has the bits of the Live Lock screen app installed you will find an image in the lede image asking you to “turn off Live lock screen” and select on it to turn off. After completed then your phone will be back to normal and show the screen turn-on lag fixed.

Being the first beta version obviously there will be some consequences and in this version this app does not disable the rotator when uninstalling it causes the side effect.

To know more about this app click here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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