How to fix problems on iMessage by trouble shooting

By | August 6, 2014

iMessage is an Apple’s own messaging service. Non users of Apple products may have question in their mind that what is this iMessage and what’s its application. Actually this iMessage ties directly to messaging apps for both the iPhone as well as iPad. By using this iMessage application you can able to send regular SMS and MMS with in Apple products like iPhone and iPad. If your family members or friends are having iPhone or iPad this iMessage app you can use it. If suppose you are facing some problems and issues like sending errors, some thing like sharing problems etc. This article brings you the clear information about how to fix problems on Fix Problems on iMessage by trouble shooting.

Steps to be follow for trouble shooting

  • Check whether what might be the problem with this service iMessage, generally most of the people use message app rather than any other app. If iMessage is displaying sending error make sure whether you have enable the mobile data connection are not or check WiFi Connection.
  • Open any browser app and check whether the web page is loading are not, if its working properly then you can know that the problem is with iMessage.
  • Now you need to check the status of the iMessage, By click the below link you can able to see the status of the iMessage. Apple service, stores and iCloud System status for united states users only.
  • If the status next to imessage is not green then there is known issue wait until it to come out. If the light is green then you have to continue with the net step.
  • Even you can Restart/ Reboot you iPhone or iPad, By restarting you device you can fix lot of Problems. If till the iMessage is showing error then you have to continue with the below steps.
  • Some time this application had minor set back which is caused by an error connecting to Apple’s server or even error may be due to the syncing issues between devices. To over this you have to disable and enable iMessage on the every devices.
  • Make sure whether your data and time settings are correct on you device, If it is the problem try to set the correct data and time.
  • If every thing is right still facing some issues then you have to reset the network settings on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Still you not able to fix the problem then finally you can Contact Apple support care