How to fix Error Message in User Accounts in Control Panel

By | September 23, 2014

If you are facing problems in changing user names and passwords in your windows, and getting error as “Windows cannot Change the Password” then this is the right place to know information about how to fix Error Message in user Accounts in control panel. This problem makes you irritation sometimes when you try to change your user account password in windows you may get this type of Errors as Mentioned above. Actually account password should be maintained by System Administrator.

In all this situation you can’t change your account password and it does not matter whether you already have existing password set for your account or not. If you always getting this type of errors then you need to follow the below steps to solve your problem.

Solution 1 : Allow Changing Password using computer Management

Initially you need to open Computer Management window which can be opened by using any following methods as shown below

  • Right Click on your Computer icon on desktop and select Manage option, and it will open Computer Management Window. (or)
  • you can also open this by using the Command compmgmt.msc in the run dialog box or start search box. (or)
  • Windows 8 later users can open computer/ This PC window and then Click Manage Button present in ribbon or by using Win+X memu.
  • Now go to local users groups > users section. In right side pane double click on the user account which is not allowing to change the password. It will open its properties windows.
  • Make sure ” user cannot change Password” option is unchecked if it is enable, uncheck the check box and apply the changes.

Solution 2 : Allow changing password by using Command Prompt

If above method is not working properly then use Command Prompt. By using this method you can over come your problem

  • First you need to open the command prompt as a Administrator.
  • Run the below mentioned commands.

net user Bill /Passwordchg:yes

If your user name has spaces then put the account name inside double-quotes as following:

c: \windows \system 32\net user ” Arnold ” / passwordchg : yes

Now you can try to change your account password again.

Solution 3 : Change your account password using Ctrl+Alt+Del screen

  • Press all the buttons at a time Ctrl+Alt+Del to access CAD Screen.
  • Now Click on Change a Password option.