Fitbit Surge gets battery boost and software updates



Fitbit Surge is getting major updates this week. Fitbit Surge is the dedicated fitness tracking device from Fitbit, which is made for athletes and fitness freak user. This device is one of the most popular Fitbit device available in the market and comes with GPS tracking feature, heart rate monitor and workout stats monitor. This Fitbit Surge costs $250 right now.

This new Update from the company will extend the battery life of the device. The battery life of the Surge device was 5 hours, but now it will be double meaning the device will last for 10 hours. This is a very good news for the Fitbit Surge users, as they can track the heart rate, workout stats and routes for longer time.

Fitbit has also added a new feature called “Run Cues”. This will alert users when the predetermined distance and time is reached regardless of where you are running. If you are running on track, road or treadmill, the feature will send the alert to the users wearing the device. Users can also see the information about heart rate, lap and distance on the Glass face.

This Fitbit Surge also features a timer and stopwatch. At $250, this is a very good fitness tracking device. Currently Fitbit is on the top in selling fitness tracking device in US, as the company has sold 4.5 million wearables in the last quarter.