Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge activity trackers go official at CES 2015


Joining the league of the sports accessories manufacturer, Fitbit has come ahead to announce Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge activity trackers at CES 2015 which is taking place in Las Vegas. If you are a technology enthusiast, you can head over straight to our live coverage of CES 2015 at our sister website, The Phone Bulletin.

Fitbit charge SR launched at CES 2015

The two connected devices will soon be registering a presence in north America before going global in the coming years. Fitbit has been around for quite some time now with their out of the box technologies and now, for the first time, they have introduced on device exercise summary on Fitbit Charge SR, a feature which was already available on the Fitbit surge.

The devices come with multi device support, that means you will be able to pair and use the devices with some of your existing smartphones running on iOS and Android. Windows Phone does not seem to be on the plans as of yet, but we are sure, Windows Phone users too will have something to cheer about Fitbit devices in the near future.

Fitbit charge SR, an activity tracker device has a lot in itself. One of the main highlights of this device is the inclusion of PurePulse propitiatory optical heart recognition technology on its core. Along with that, the bright OLED displays a lot of things including the daily workout stats, steps covered, calories burnt, exercises done, heart rate average and blood pressure stats. The data is collected on an everyday basis and pairing of the device with your smartphone can make it save the data of your daily workouts on the smartphone memory which can be accessed at a later date.

A few more things which add to the awesomeness of the Fitbit Charge SR are the ability to show your text messages and incoming calls on the OLED Display of the device which will keep you updated with the latest happening without the need of taking your smartphone out of the bag or pocket. Coming with a rubber strap, Fitbit Charge SR is a water proof fitness band.

Fitbit Surge activity tracker at CES 2015

Coming to the more powerful device of the two, Fitbit Surge can be termed as a fitness smartwatch. Along with the features included in Fitbit Charge SR, Surge include awesome things like built in GPS to help you navigate better through the maps, a better mobile syncing, multiple sports mode which will help you create and implement better workout plans, detailed summary of the excercises on the daily basis, multiple watch faces, caller ID to accept or reject phone calls, alert for the text messages coming onto your smartphone, options to control your smartphone music and a lot more things which will surely make you fall in love with this little wonder.

Fitbit Surge includes a total of 6 sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, digital heart rate monitor, a digital compass, altimeter and ambient light sensor. The backlit LCD touch screen helps you manage stuffs with ease. The battery lasts for over 7 days on a single charge.

The Fitbit charge SR is priced at $149.95 and Fitbit Surge is priced at $249 which sounds as a dent price. Both of the above gadgets are available on the Fitbit official website in some of the north american regions for now, however, Fitbit seems pretty keen on expanding in the near future.