FirstMark Capital raises $480 Million for new stage and growth investments


FirstMark Capital has announced that it has raised $480 million. The raised money will be used for two reasons, one being the early stage investment and the other one in the growth rounds. The first $275 Million will be allocated to FirstMark IV (The early stage fund by the firm) and the rest $205 Million will go to the Opportunity Fund (focusing on the later stage and follow up rounds).

FirstMark, founded in 2008 has backed up successful businesses like Pinterest, Shopify, Riot Games, Tapad, Schoology and InVision. This will be the 4th early stage fund and 2nd opportunity fund by the firm, which currently manages over $1.5 Billion.

It has invested in around 100 startups since the launch and half of the startups were based out of New York. Most of the startups, it has funded, are from tech including Social media (Pinterest), Artificial Intelligence (HyperScience), Healthcare, IoT, gaming, enterprise, eCommerce, education and video.

The core team at FirstMark includes Amish Jani, Rick Heitzmann and Marr Turck.