First Phone in Android One to launch in October

By | July 16, 2014
First Phone in Android One

The announcement made by the Android One at Google IO may be lackluster for the Americans, any how this could be the special project for the Android which takes the users to 5 billion. Actually the main goal of this project is to bring the good affordable Smartphones to emerging markets. Android One


As per the new reports this first phone in Android One is going to launch in India this October, we can assume this may be Micromax’s Smartphone, which Google mentioned would be the very first Android One device to launch. This device is available for only $100, this may be one of the major advantage to hit emerging markets. Sources Claim this will be Flipkart exclusive a retailer which become most popular in India.


Definitely marketing have to done for a new device, With out this no new device wont survive in this competitive Markets, Google is willing to help this product in this. To making this launch into a successful sundar  pichai is expected to visit India. So far we know the program also includes manufacturers like Karbonn and Spice, aside from the already-mentioned Micromax. If all goes well, emerging markets will see great low-end smartphones before the end of the year.

Let us see the benefits of Android One is that the manufacturers can make affordable smartphones and put in their own apps, but the near stock experience and software backbone will unload much of the work it takes to keep the device updated. Much like the Google play Edition and Nexus programs, Android One devices will be updated directly from Google.


Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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