First Flight – crowdfunding site from Sony for its Employees


Sony has experimented with Crowd-funding quite a few times in the past where it ran campaigns for e-ink watch, mesh sensor kit and the recent one Shenmue 3 title, however, this time, Sony has gone a step further by launching a crowdfunding website to raise funds for the projects developed by Sony employees.

First Flight Sony website

This website comes as an extension to the last year’s announcement from Sony where the Japanese brand encouraged its employees to develop the most innovative ideas they could think of. This was a part of Sony’s seed acceleration program which was launched to promote the innovation from inside the company. The name given to the website is First Flight.

First Flight is an online ecommerce and crowd-funding platform which currently has 2 products. Both the products, e-ink smartwatch as well as the mesh sensor kit were already crowdfunded via third party sites.

“First Flight is intended to deliver experiences that move people emotionally through innovation. It will enable each start-up and their customers to share their ideas and inspiration, and then jointly bring those ideas to fruition through direct and interactive communication,” said Sony in a corporate statement.

The next target for Sony is to run a crowd-funding campaign for an e-paper remote control for next 6 weeks. The same campaign will give an idea about how the future of the new service from Sony is going to be. There are several other projects expected to go live in the coming weeks, however, information on them for now is awaited.

The website has all it takes to pick an idea, get it funded and sell it through the same platform. While opening the site, you will see that it is a Japan only platform for now and without a doubt, there is only Japanese language on the website. If you are outside Japan, you can not even support a project by donating some amount.

There is no official news on when will the website get English support, however, there is one thing for sure, “a lot of people will be waiting for the site to go global”.

We will keep you updated with any advancement in this matter. Stay tuned.