First driverless truck to hit the road in Florida soon this year



First automated truck is soon to hit the road at the construction sites in Florida. This driverless truck is manufactured by Royal Truck & Equipment Company, which is based in Pennsylvania, US. This truck has been developed under the Department of Transportation pilot program of the company.

There are other companies testing the driverless cars and of which one is Google. Google when tests the automated car requires a driver to sit inside to handle the car in case of emergency. But that is not the case with the driverless truck from Royal Truck & Equipment, for it is to be the first vehicle to be tested without the driver.

According to the company, the truck can be controlled through three ways. They are a remote control, GPS Waypoint navigation and leader/follower programming. This driverless truck will also come with a special device named attenuators, which will protect others like motorists and workers from injuries or accidents at the work zone.

The crash zone barriers or attenuators are the main reason to build the automated trucks as they not only serve to protect the lives of the motorists who run into trucks at constructions site but also to save the drivers from getting into such accidents.

Royal Truck & Equipment has shown its new fully automated driverless truck on Monday in its home state and this truck will roll out in Florida by the end of 2015. To watch the video of the truck, click here.