Meet first batch Startups of Troy Carter’s SMASHD LABS

By | November 19, 2015
SMASHD Labs Demo Day

SMASHD LABS, the LA based accelerator started by one of the greatest talent managers, Troy Carter, marked the Demo Day for first ever batch, which includes 5 Startups.

SMASHD Labs Demo Day

At the launch, SMASHD LABS had promised to include companies from different niches and to an extent, they have not disappointed. In the first 5 startups signed up with SMASHD Labs, there are peer-to-peer marketplace, new music discovery platform etc.

Below is a list of the 5 Startups which made to the first batch of SMASHD Labs,

Sidestep – New York

Sidestep allows users to buy merchandise without getting into the huge lines. Customers can pre-order the merchandise before, after or during any event.

Speaking at the DEMO Day, Eric Jones, the company CEO commented that the approach of standing into line and buying a merchandise hasn’t changed in well over 50 years and the artists are thinking of ways to make money at the live events after the sale figures decreased in last few years. SideStep allows them to book their merchandise and get rid of huge queues. If the merchandises are booked during or before the event, they can be collected from a VIP area after the event is over.

The company stated that artists using their service have already seen over 15 percent hike in the sale figures.

Throne – New York

Throne is a per-to-peer marketplace for footwears. Along with it, the company has launched a daily editorial to create a platform which mixes ecommerce with fresh and original content. Right now, Throne has over a Million Dollar worth of merchandise on the store and at the same time, they have over 300,000 customers.

Since joining the accelerator, Throne has also started to focus on getting into college campuses by launching a program named as Brand Embessadors. The ultimate goal of the company is to become a one stop solution to provide latest fashion news along with being a centralized eCommerce platform for footwears.

Trakfire – Los Angeles

Trakfire is more of a product hunt for the music fans as the app allows them to find, curate and manage the songs from upcoming artists. This is more of a daily leatherboard where the users can find, submit and up-vote the tracks which are already available on the platform.

Speaking at the Demo Day, Arjun Mehta, CoFounder & CEO of Trakfire said that the main aim of this platform is to help each and every player in the music arena. It can help music artists to get famous, fans to get good music and professional users to get list of most played and most liked music tracks without having to search manually.

Enrou – Los Angeles

Founded by UCLA grads, Ann Wang and Jessica Willison, Enrou is a marketplace which partners with Social Enterprises in Global marketplace to promote the artisans from developing communities to sell their products across the globe.

Enrou also has a feature which lets buyer and seller reconnect after the purchase is done. The new feature has proved to be quite useful for sellers as there have been over 24 percent users who have reconnected with the sellers and have used the service for over 4 times to purchase additional goods.

WeTransfer – Amsterdam

WeTransfer is not exactly a new company and they have been around in The Netherlands for quite some time. However, they are relatively new to US and with the help of SMASHD, the company is looking to get better in US in the coming months.

At the Demo day, the company announced that they are doing over $85 million transfers every months and the groth rate in US is over 2X year on year.


Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

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