Firefox 32 arrives New HTTP cache For Mac,Android,windows

By | September 3, 2014

Today Firefox has released an update for the desktop version as well as mobile version, this update will comes to maximum all the major platforms like Mac, Windows, Android and Linux as Firefox 32. This update brings many new features as well as a previous bug are fixed.


Mozilla introducing a new HTTP with this update cache to all the platforms mentioned above including both desktop and mobile version, As per company this new HTTP brings you the improved performance and easy facing issues. The Firefox 32 comes for Linux, windows and Mac Operating system, one of the key additions is in Public Key Pinning, which ensures when user reaches the website that they intend to without facing any man in the middle attacks.

[quote]According to the Mozilla’s official website ” When the root cert for a pinned site does not match one of the good Certified authorities, Fire Fox will reject the connection with pinning error. This type of error occurs due to mismatch of the CA certified issues. In this way pinning can be used to the site to add another layer trust to server deployment of the TLS” [/quote]

This pinned domains includes in mozilla 32 are the add ons and Twitter, and also noted that some of the domains like Google will be added in the Firefox 33 and it will be released on mid October.

For android users Mozilla Firefox has introduced six languages which includes Armenian, Basque, Fulah, Icelandic, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh, the users can switch over 55 languages as required. The users of Android can also personalize the homepage for access quickly by adding preferred websites, also makes to clear history easily. Along with the Game pad API, Mozilla Firefox 32 for Android supports for URI auto complete for Swype.