How to Find Free Books in iBooks Store

By | July 10, 2014

Getting a free Books in the iBooks store is not a big task, its is simple but you need to know the procedure that’s it. Actually reading books makes you to learn plenty of things to and stress over during the holiday season, but where you find your travel entertainment really shouldn’t be one of them. Here’s our guide to picking up some great free reading before you hop a plane, train, or automobile. No need to worry if you don’t know about the procedure how to import Books from the iBooks Store. This article guide’s you how to find free books in iBook store.

Where to find the Book

The easiest place to find books for your iphone, ipad in the ibooks store. On a mac you need to launch the ibook store click on the ibook store on the right side you will find the list of Quick Links. Click on free Books.ON any iOS device you have to click on the featured at the bottom of the screen. Then you can scroll down to to find the list of Quick Links.

How to find the Books you want

The Apple iBook store is made in to several subcategories, company’s own recommended books at the top. Those includes such scintillating titles as Williams-Sonoma Thanks giving and Apple’s Own iphone and ipad Guides. Below that you can browse free book by different categories you want’s to find.


Diving into subcategory will display the free ebooks which is labeled inside the section, for example Dickens A Christmas Carol and H.G Wells The Time Machine. You can browse individual titles by tapping, or Scrolling you to the right if nothing you see suits your fancy. There are plenty of great copy right free books available including Shakespeare’s play and sonnets, Bram stoker’s Dracula, Jane Austen’s Works, Edgar Allen Poe’s poems and many more.

If suppose you knows the name the public domain work you wants to read for example Sherlock Homes directly you can search in the search bar of the iBook store. you should be careful because some copy right books have different publishers even through the content of the books are same some may give it for free and others may give it for cost. To avoid the some bucks you can browse on the mac and click only for free title which displays only free books.

Things ready to Read

Once you select the book, then start Downloading the book. Once you are done with the Downloading you can find the files in the library of your device. If you want a book from the external site then you need to download file to your device. If you wants to download the book in to your iPad then just navigate the book page and tap on the epub download link. The epud should load as an icon with the option in ibooks above it. Tap the link to send the file to your ibooks library. On your Mac, when you click the ePub download link, the book should end up in your Downloads folder; to add it, open iBooks.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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