Finally ZipDial acquired by Twitter

By | January 20, 2015


Finally ZipDial acquired by Twitter confirmed today. This ends the few weeks of speculation that was going in the market.

According to the confirmed reports in the market, Twitter and ZipDial has reached an agreement. This is first acquisition for Twitter in the Indian market. After the acquisition of ZipDial, Christian Oestlien, Vice President, Product, Twitter said “Over the next several years, billions of people will come online for the first time in countries like Brazil, India and Indonesia. For many, their first online experience will be on mobile device – but the cost of data may prevent them from experiencing the true power of the internet. Twitter, in partnership with ZipDial, can make great content more accessible to everyone.”

“We are thrilled to announce that Zipdial has agreed to be acquired by Twitter,” announced Valerie Wagoner, Zipdial co-founder and CEO. She further stated “This is a huge achievement for the entire Zipdial team, and an opportunity to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished since our start in 2010. The company was founded on the insight that consumers and brands in emerging markets behave differently and have different needs. We build for them and their unique behaviours.”


In a statement Twitter India CEO Rishi Jaitley said “On behalf of our India operations. I am delighted to welcome Zipdial’s leadership, employees and a new office in Bangalore to the spirited team that is @TwitterIndia!”

He further said “Our primary mission, bolstered by acquisition, is to help every Indian with a mobile device get a great, relevant Twitter experience. We believe Twitter – a platform invented for SMS and rich in media – is a perfect match for India, a mobile –first country with a celebrated media heritage.”
This move significantly increases Twitter’s investment in India, one of the countries where Twitter is seeing high growth. Twitter will get new office in Bangalore.

Zipdial has built business model on leveraging the behaviour of ‘missed calls’ between friends and applied it as an offline for brand engagement. The foundation was laid by Zipdial giving additional prepaid charge or top up, considered valuable as currency in emerging markets.
Zipdial personalised the experience and content in ways that were not possible in traditional online platforms.

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