Finally Yahoo launches Fantasy Soccer app, available at Play Store

By | July 15, 2014

If you thought dream football was going to be the main thing that tormented middle eged men in America, think again. After Germany taking the title this past Sunday at the World Cup, soccer fever is as of now running high in huge numbers of us. The answer for this madness? Yahoo has introduced their all new Sports Fantasy Soccer app for Android users. The new app by Yahoo allows people play socially with other people online, allowing users who are still going ballistic over the World Cup winners another chance to enjoy their victory.

So, Are you excited to know what this app do? what are the features and how you can play socially?? sit tight, here in this post we will discuss everything related to this app. Well with the help of this app, you can create the unstoppable, ultimate soccer team of your fantasy and play against your friends and others. The Yahoo Fantasy Soccer app has several tournaments to play such as La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, EPL or Serie A. Also, users can create, or join private leagues to make everyone ready for the next season. This app has almost everything a person would want in a fantasy soccer app, also it is simple, has an easy to use design and feature, and is the first real time social fantasy soccer game launched for any platform.

World Cup 2014 has end but still the game is running in our veins. If you are a football fan then, I am sure at least for once you will click on the download link to check what exactly in this fantasy soccer.


Top features:

■ Play major tournaments including EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1
■ Research with in-depth stats on every player in a beautiful and easy-to-use layout to give you a competitive advantage
■ Create and join private leagues to get everyone ready for the new season
■ Set up and manage your team seamlessly and effortlessly across devices and the web
■ Unlimited weekly transfers, putting your soccer knowledge to the test every week

The app is absolutely free so let your fantasies and dreams about football run wild with Yahoo’s fantasy soccer app. If you already got the app or planning to download it, do let us know what you liked and if this will hold you over until the next FIFA season.

Download Yahoo Fantasy Soccer app