Finally Lexus tested its Hoverboard “Slide” in Barcelona



After teasing for months about this flying hoverboard project named Slide, finally Lexus has finally shown its hoverboard in action in the latest video. This hoverboard named “Slide” is device similar to skateboard, which floats above the ground, which looks cool and gives a new way of traveling. This device comes with a collection of superconductors, which is kept cooled by liquid nitrogen.

In the new video posted by the company, you can watch a professional skateboarder Ross McGouran and some other skateboard a rider riding the hoverboard Slide in Skate Park in Spain, which is specifically made by the company for riding this hoverboard. Though it is not like Back to The Future, but it still looks cool and amazing especially when they rides on the water.

This device named Slide is a superconductor hoverboard, which uses liquid nitrogen to keep the device series of the superconductor cooled enough to create the levitation on the specifically designed skate park.

Here you can watch the video posted by the company by clicking here.

In the previous videos, Lexus has explained how this hoverboard uses liquid nitrogen smoke to keep the superconductor and magnets of the board cold enough to create levitation. The company has also given detailed explanation of the making of the hoverboard. According to the company, the team has taken 403 days to build the working hoverboard from the concept step and this hoverboard weighs more than 25 pounds.

This hoverboard can only fly on the specifically built skate park by the company in Barcelona, Spain, where the company’s prototype has been tested by the professional skateboarder. So you cannot buy the Lexus hoverboard and start using it in any skate park.

The company said that the hoverboard comes with an insulated core, which contains high temperature superconducting blocks in a reservoir of liquid nitrogen. It has 32 superconductor bulks and 50 pounds of liquid nitrogen within the board. This liquid nitrogen cools the superconductor to -197 degree Celsius, which creates the smoke.

After the board is cooled, it is placed on the specifically designed hoverpark by the Lexus, which contains lots and lots of magnets built into the ground, which then allow the magnetic force to float some inches above the ground.
You can check the making of hoverboard “Slide” video by clicking here.