Final Fantasy XV comes to PC early next year


The game director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata announced that, the Final Fantasy XV game is coming to PC early next year. Final Fantasy XV game is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles along with its Smartphone version through Sony Walkman. But now, the same game is going to hit the Windows PCs as per the recent official announcement.

NVIDIA has revealed that the Final Fantasy XV’s PC version will be more powerful and would be studded with NVIDIA’s tweaks and a bunch of features. The game is set to go in the market from the early 2018 as per the announcement. The game is all about male friendship and good hair and with the same way, you have to explore the entire gameplay.

Publisher Square Enix has said that this new version of the Final Fantasy XV game would be called Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. Further he added, “contains content from the free updates to the console versions & paid DLC originally available through the Season Pass.”

Apart from this, they have also claim that this Windows edition will also offer personal first-camera mode for all the players. The Windows edition would be powered by next-gen Luminous Engine and  NVIDIA GeForce features. With this, you would get more features to explore this game well on your Windows system. Features like Hairworks, ShadowWorks, Turf Effects .These new effects will add more realistic environment around you making the gameplay even more interesting.

Additionally, you can even make use of new hair and fur, shadow-casting, vegetation and much more. Apart from this, the game would also offer screen capture tool to capture screen and to instantly share it on various environments. You can capture the entire screen in HD mode and can various effects and filters as well. So, this would be quite an interesting tool to show off your activities to your loved ones.

The game would also feature NVIDIA ShadowPlay technology making highlights of your gameplay during the game. You can create the best of highlights with action scenes with this game and can work along with it.

As per the reports, this new Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition would be launched during the San Francisco Game Developers Conference which is held on March 18. However, there is no any specific launch date announced by the developers and publishers, it’s just an imaginary date that the reports have claimed for this game.

In addition, the director Hajime Tabata, has said that this Windows Editions of the Final Fantasy XV game would be the highest quality version that you are going to see right on your Windows PC. With this his dream of having this game on Windows platform will be fulfilled. If you are more curious to know something more about this game, check out the official trailer of this game published by the NVIDIA.

So this is what you might want to know about the next Windows Edition of the popular Final Fantasy XV game. Let’s hope to get a hands-on of this game as soon as possible. For now, we have to wait for some more official announcements regarding the launch date and the game’s requirements.