Fin – The Wearable Device from India


A new touch gesture-based wearable transmitter device that transforms your palm into a touch interface that has been developed by a Kerala-based IT startup, even this is a baby effort towards the wearable in India. The ring-shaped transmitter called Fin is worn on the thumb and require Bluetooth to connect and communicate with several devices. The portable device allows users to manage up to three devices such as car radios, smart TVs and Smartphones using only taps and swipes.

Fin Wearable Device

The RHL Vision Technologies are the real star in this field, a developing company from the southern region of Kochi’s Startup Village that has come up with the ‘Fin,’ The most important thing of Fin is the roughly Rs 1.2 crore (US$200, 000) it raised through crowd funding after winning over some 1,600 supporters, which is more than double as it was expected.

People in today’s world are becoming more busy, but still they are wasting a lot of time interacting with their smart devices,” said Rohildev Nattukallingal, founder of the RHLVision Technologies located at Kochi, the startup behind Fin, he also added that the “Fin removes this interaction gap by allowing users to quickly interact with those devices.”

India has dependably been poor in creating engineering items so this is welcome news. Obviously, for these companies and products to be more than a blip on the worldwide eco-framework wearable gadgets will take some doing since they will be up against fierce contenders, of all shapes and sizes, with established supply chains and distribution channels. Furthermore, staying in front of all the latest break throws methods of utility and design makes this an unsafe presence. Still, the players specified so far seems to have pulled in genuine consideration from the electronics gadget makers and good orders for their products.

Until now the device has only five known functions based on gesture. According to RHL Vision technologies, clients will be able to customize functions on an application that will come with the device itself after final release. Fin can control your TV’s volume and even using this device you can call or text anyone without touching your phone. Developers hoping that Fin can help people who are visually impaired. Here below are the main uses of Fin smart gesture device:

Uses of Fin

  • It can be used by people to interact with Smartphones [Social media, Attending calls, SMS, Dial Numbers, Taking Quick Notes etc.] especially for visually challenged people since they sense the world through touch.
  • It can control smart TV, control sounds, to change the channels by mere natural finger swipes.
  • It can also control car from being cars key to controlling your phone while driving, change music, receive calls and read messages, navigate your maps, and other car utilities just by finger swipe.

Features and specs of Fin

  • As Fin is a wearable device so it should come with Water-proof: IP67.
  • Communication: Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0
  • Sensors: Fin can track accurate movement of your thumb on the palm also detect each part of your finger where you are touching.
  • Compatibility: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Windows Phones.
  • Battery: Li Po custom battery with micro-USB charging dock ; One charge will last for 1 week; more than one year durable.

Walk-through the Video that will help you to get the complete idea what actually the Fin in.

For more details about this device follow this official website link.