How to file DMCA complaint with Google

By | June 25, 2014

It is sure that the almost every webmaster faces the problem of different websites copy the content from his website or blog. This can be done automatically using the RSS feeds or manually. To put check for this Google have been using some mechanisms to trace out the original from the copied content. To stop your contents get copied you need to file DMCA compliant with Google and it penalize the websites copying the contents.

Here I am going to discuss step by step procedure for how to file DMCA complaint with Google in detail.


  • First step is to find out the websites/blogs which have copied the content from your website. To do this you need to use the plagiarism checker tools such as CopyScape or you can also check manually, but it is slightly a difficult task.
    Click here to visit CopyScape.
  • If you want to check the copied content of your website, just take few lines of your content and paste in the Google search with in double quotes.
  • The next step is to file the complaint with Google, once you found the sites that have copied your content you need to visit the Google DMCA page and file a complaint there with the Google against the website.
    Visit Google DMCA page from here.
  • When you are filing the complaint remember to select “Blogger”, if the site which copied your posts is hosted for free on Blogspot or Blogger. If not then select “web search “. After filing the compliant you can also track your complaint status from the DMCA dashboard.

If you want to remove the duplicate sites from the search indexing then file a DMCA take down request. Let the Google know that you are the original content author.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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