Fights broke in Ohio Prison after drone drops drugs package

By | August 6, 2015
Passenger Drone


A drone dropped a package containing almost half a pound of drugs in the prison in Ohio, when inmates was outside, which leads to fight between the inmates of Ohio prison. This incident happens on July 29th at the Mansfield correctional institution in Ohio. The package had 57 grams of marijuana, 7 grams of heroin and 140 grams of tobacco, JoEllen Smith, a spokesperson for the department of rehabilitation and correction told to the local news paper Mansfield News Journal.

Prison officer controlled the fight by using pepper spray and also putting 9 inmates into the solitary confinement. They also recover the package of the drugs. The surveillance camera has shown the drones, before the fight. According to a report of BBC News, Smith said that in past there have been some instance of the breaking security by the drones, but this incident is latest attempt to deliver drug via drones. He also said that the department of rehabilitation and correction, Ohio will take extra care for stopping these types of incidents in future. These type of incidents has become quite frequent now a days, as drones became pretty popular for mainstream use. These incidents have also happened in some other prisons in the past.