Fighter Pilot The Pacific War : Android Game review


Fighter Pilot, The Pacific War is an Android game in which you are the controller of fighter plane in World War II scenario.. You need to command your SBD Dauntless Dive bomber and you need to support your army on land, sea and of course on air. The story of the game is, after Japan dropping the bomb on the US Pearl Harbour, you will take part in the World War II as an American soldier to defeat the Japanese Empire by participating in the important battles of the Pacific war.

You need to take part in different campaigns, there a lots of different fighter planes and different weapons in the game, you need to use and more. You need to lay bombs on your enemy troops and ships.


How to Play

  • First download the game from the Google Play Store¬†and launch the game.
  • After launching go to the tutorials, which will teach you how to control the plane and play the game. It also teaches you what you need to remember to cross the levels .
  • After finishing the tutorials, you can step in to the game and you can find variety of missions you can try.
  • There are levels of difficulties in the game, for the beginners baby difficulty is good to start with.
  • First you feel the game very difficult due to finicky controls, but if you get used to the things, then it is a very nice game.


  • There are different types of weapons like heavy, light and arsenal of rockets from which you can choose anyone.
  • Watch the 300 objects fighting at the same time.
  • Variety of operations including landing and defence battles, fleet to fleet combat or sole aircraft dogfights for fun.
  • Extensive soundtrack with symphony of destruction, you can also add your own music to the game soundtrack.
  • Compete with thousands of players globally .
  • Four levels of difficulties.

It is the fun game, you can feel the experience of World War II and you can master the controls. For the first it will be very difficult to master the controls. If you once used to it then it will be amazing.

Download Fighter Pilot.