Fifa 15 Demo unveiled for Xbox One : First Look



Heads up! The latest FIFA 15 demo version is now up for Xbox One users. If you own the Xbox One SmartGlass app on your WP device, open up, search for the game to download and begin playing soccer. It will automatically it will get installed on your Xbox One if it is on or is set to instant on. I’ve already set it up on my machine. Also I have posted a video that shows a quick gameplay and graphics.

We have already know about the Fifa 14 launched so back and this time EA has tried to experience real Football heat with the new version of which is very familiar by design. Controls seem to be the same compared to the 2014 version, according to the different game freaks. The only differences which We’ve noticed is the graphics. Player models appear to look smoother. They also found that the grass seem to show when it’s stepped on and also it is easier to target the ball during free kicks.

Though, I’m not a game freak but yes exciting about the latest version of Fifa, even 4-5 times I have tried the Fifa 14 and but real game lovers are telling, they were keep playing the demo version until the full version comes out on Sept. 23rd in North Ameria nd Sept. 25th in Europe.

I’m very excited about this game and I’ll be playing it frequently until the full version comes out on September 23rd in North America and September 25 in Europe.

You can also download and play the demo version of FIFA 15 from the official website on Xbox 360.

via : WP Central