FCC directed rules to the phone company, who wants to kill copper wire



Copper wires network of the landline is moving towards its end, as now it is the age of cables and fiber optics, which offers great internet speed. The company who wants to replace or remove the copper wire, they have to follow some set of rules directed by FCC. The company has to give notification to the consumer about the removal of the copper wires and the drawbacks of switching to a VOIP line three months prior to the copper wire removal. This is a good rule as the customers have every right to know about the process, which will also make them familiar with all sorts of drawbacks of this process. They will also know that the new land line will not work without an external power, when power is not available.

But it looks like, everyone at the FCC is not happy about the new rules because commissioner Ajit Pai writes, “It appears that Chicken Little rules the roost, by dragging out the copper retirement process, the FCC is adopting ‘regulations that deter rather than promote fiber deployment.” Ajit Pai also said that these rules will cause more problems for the company, who wants to modernize their network. He is also had a valid point, but customer should be aware about the changes company is making to their telephone system.

You can read the Official announcement of FCC by clicking here.