, Netflix’s new way to test your internet speed


Netflix has added another product to its portfolio,, an online portal to check your internet download speed.

Going to the website, it doesn’t show anything too great. It is a simple website which starts testing your internet speed the moment it loads, well, it does not even ask you to click on any of the buttons. It seems like it focuses on only the factor which is responsible for your video loads. When the netflix videos aren’t streaming, it might be useful to prove a point that the problem isn’t from netflix and that your ISP might be goofed up.

The speed test is done from Netflix’s central servers and you do not have an option of choosing a server location according to your need or the one which is nearest to you. This might be one of the main drawbacks of this website, however, unlike other speedtest websites, isn’t loaded with advertisements and gives you a fast and clean way to determine your internet downloading speed.

It works on all the devices with a browser. That means, you can check the speed on your computer, tablet, smartphone or TV which has a browser. It even gives you an option to compare the test results with

It’s open to everyone and seems like a good thing to check out if you do not really need a well researched speedtest result. Head there and let us know how you feel about the same.