Farmville 2 available for Android smartphones

By | April 24, 2014

As many of you are well known about Farmville which was a massive success, Initially the game Farmville came in the social network Facebook and this game gained as millions of fans as well as detractors. Followed by Farmville 2 helped the aging franchise. Now this game Farm Ville 2 is available in play store for Android smartphone users.


How to Play

Most of us are very Familiar about the game FarmVille there is very little about this game as you are already know about it, The basic need of this game play is to planting crops, feeding animals, built things, craft and sell the items to expand you Farm and complete the missions which gains you points, as similar to the desktop version. There are some elements which we cant so in desktop version that is foraging for items, These makes familiar part.

There are only few differences from latest ans previous versions, here we cant plot the dirt of what ever the plant or crop maybe, only similar crop can be planted in one plot. For growing various crops we need to built various plots which makes slight difference.One advantage in this latest version of Farmville is water sill be infinite an d no longer need energy to Craft Items.


This game will connect to Facebook and +Google also it has Google play games achievements if you are in to those, you you can ask your friends who are playing this games for various elements in the games otherwise this will make tough to complete some Missions make sure with the known personalities.

The main advantage of this game is connectivity, we can connect this Android game to the Facebook we have already a Farm in it. I mean also Existing Farm. It takes some time to connect it, If you do it then we can do ship elements between the Farms.




Design vise we cant say excellent, It is a moderate one the colors used in this game are very attractive. The screen is laid out in a manner that easy to understand, People who are playing for the first time might confuse a little bit, More you play more you get command on the game. Overall design is fairly good the controls are designed in good manner that makes interface and easy to move around.


Over all the game was very impressive, easy to play and also the connectivity of already existing Farm in  Facebook to this game which makes me impressive.This games also have mechanics to ask the friends regarding various Items required in the Farm.

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