Fantasy Premier League 2014/15 Windows Phone app launched officially


It has been the season of the Football leagues and the respective official league apps have been releasing. Few days back NFL has launched their NFL Fantasy football 2014 for the American football lovers. Now the other Football league is preparing their official fantasy league time with the launch of the Fantasy Premier League app for the Windows Phone platform.

By using this app you can select your team XI, nominate the captain of you choice, select vice-captain, change the order of your substitutes and review your team performance every Gameweek through data view and watch the live points updates of the live Barclays Premier League matches, research and make transfers every Gameweek using helpful filters to narrow your options to the valid transfers and more.



  • Select your team : Pick your favorite XI, select your captain, choose the vice captain and change the order of subtitles according to your choice.
  • Transfers : Do research and make the transfers each Gameweek using helpful filters to narrow your transfers to the valid transfers only.
  • Player profiles : Go through the player profiles and review each of their points throughout the season.
  • Latest points : Review team’s performance each Gameweek through the data view and also get the live points update during the Barclays league matches.
  • Leagues : Track your progress within the each of the mini-leagues you have joined.
  • Fixtures : Full breakdown of the key points are provided by gameweek for everyone of the 380 Barclays Premier League matches in the season.
  • New Push notifications : Receive alerts when points are updated and fixtures have moved Gameweeks, when a Gameweek deadline is impending.

Download Fantasy Premier League 14/15 for Windows Phone