Fantastical 2 update brings support for larger screens

By | September 25, 2014

Yesterday Fantastical 2 got updated with version 2.1.3  and this brings support for larger screens of new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which makes sense for applications. Fantastical 2 is a beautiful calender for iPhone and iPad. After the release of these most awaited devices users are hoping for the support for notifications center widgets and interactive notifications will have to wait as these features are not part this update.

I can say Fantastical 2 is the good solution for the users who desire some thing more From their calender experience as well as this application also supports native support for iPhone 6.

Fantastical 2


Lets us what new in this update 2.1.3 :

  • Native display support for both iPhone 6 and 6 plus.
  • Fixed a issue while editing invitees from existing events.
  • Fixed a hang when creating remainders with a geofence.
  • Various bugs are fixed and improvements, enhancements as well done.

This newly updated app Fantastic 2.1.3 is available for iOS and Mac

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

Micheal, is a loyal Apple Fan. A graduate in computer science, Micheal loves to experiment with iOS and Mac. Here at The Tech Bulletin, he covers information about Apple Products.+Micheal