How to Factory Reset HTC One M8 Windows Phone


The Windows Phone Operating System is stable and lightweight operating system, it is working even on 512 MB of RAM. To reset the OS or some bugs  or a new starts comes in rare. But still, there are some occasions  may be where you want to return the device to the state you bought it in from the Store.

In this of mine, you will get a complete guide of Factory Reset on latest Smartphone HTC One M8 Windows Phone. Here you will get complete guide in which you will get the Soft reset for hardware, Hard Reset for Software and Factory Reset also

htc One M8 factory reset

#Soft reset (hardware)

If you just need to reboot the phone, but it is frozen or unresponsive, a soft reset using the hardware keys is your answer. This method simply reboots the phone and it keeps all your data and settings. The only difference here is you are using the hardware keys to initialize it, instead of holding down the power button and swiping down on the lock screen.

  1. First of all you have to Hold the Power + Volume down for 10 seconds
  2. Now you have to Release
  3. Now you have  to re-start your Windows Smartphone

#Hard reset (software)

On all the Windows Phone, the system reset is universal and found under Settings of the Smartphone. This method wipes the device of any saved personal data, so you have to make sure that you have backed up your photos, music, and settings with all important and personal data before executing.

  1. For this method first of all you have to->Settings.
  2. Now go to About
  3. Now you have  to reset your phone
  4. If the micro SD card is present, you can choose to leave or wipe the extra storage

This method is the most simple, and it assumes your phone is in working order, meaning you can boot it up and get to the Settings menu to initiate. All Windows Phones have this function.

#Factory reset (hardware)

This is very rare instances where your Windows Smartphone cannot even boot into the OS. These situations are very uncommon and found in a few cases.

The Factory option is reset uses hardware keys  to start in any Smartphone, and it is a bit more powerful as compared to the standard Hard reset described previously. This method wipes the device of any saved personal data, so make sure you have backed up your photos, music, and settings before executing. Factory resets can vary from device to device, as there are different hardware keys present and key combinations required, depending on what the manufacturer has chosen. Here is how the One for Windows does it:

  1. First of all you have to Turn the power off.
  2. Now you have to press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press the POWER button. Now you have to release the VOLUME DOWN button, when you see an icon on the screen.
  3. After that you have  to press the following hardware buttons in this sequence: VOLUME UP > VOLUME DOWN > POWER > VOLUME DOWN.

The Above steps are tricky for the HTC One for Windows for Factory reset it. And it is not hard, but do not be surprised if it takes a couple of attempts to get it started.