Facebook working on Video Reality app for phones

By | September 15, 2015



Facebook working on an app for Virtual Videos and its acquisition of the Oculus VR are old news. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is working on an app for mobile, where you can watch 360 degree videos.

The 360 degree is becoming quite popular currently, as many companies are working on this new Virtual Reality video. Currently the VR app of Facebook is in early stage of development, so there is no news about its release. The report also suggests that the app is being developed for both iOS and Android.

There are no clear details about this project, but this VR video project looks impressive. Facebook is trying to make its presence in Video streaming market soon. Also,the social giant has already announced that it is going to support 360 degree videos on its News Feed soon. This project sounds interesting, as Facebook owned Oculus is also set to launch its VR headset next year.

If Facebook launches its app, it may take on Google, which already supports 360-degree videos on YouTube and the company has its own way to display these kinds of videos. Google allows you to watch the VR videos by using its Cardboard VR headset.