Facebook to introduce “like” button with different emotions

By | October 9, 2015


Back in 2009, Facebook introduced its “Like” button that let people interact with people on social media site in totally different way. It becomes kind of rage and since then it has been a very important and one of the most used feature of Facebook. But it looks like Facebook is again planning to change the way your express your emotions.

According to a new report, Facebook is planning to introduce emotions feature to its social media platform that will allow users to express their emotions through icons. The company will bring various icons for anger, laughter, love, shock and some others.

According to the report of Engadget, this new feature of Facebook will roll out from Friday this week in markets of Spain and Ireland. Once this test proves to be successful, the company will roll out this feature to the rest of the world.

Facebook has also been working on a “Dislike” button for quite some time. Facebook users have been asking features that let them respond to some bad news. Currently, Facebook doesn’t offer any features that let people express feelings to some bad news. We can hope that the company introduces features that let us express different emotions, because writing comment is a tedious task. Only “like” button doesn’t give us freedom to express feelings for all kind of status updates.