Facebook tests “Watch later” Buttons for Videos on the Timeline

By | July 17, 2015


Facebook records 4 billion video streams daily, which makes this most popular and fastest growing content categories. So to expand this, Facebook is planning to introduce a “Watch Later” button.

Facebook has started testing this “Watch Later” button for videos on desktop mode, according to a report from TechCrunch. The tiny buttons appears as an overlay in the upper right corner of the video, the button will be visible once you pass the mouse pointer on to the video. Once you click on that buttons, you will be able to save it and can watch it later.

Facebook is planning to give tough competition to YouTube in video streaming, where “Watch Later” option is already available on YouTube.

A year ago, Facebook has introduced save button, which allows you to save the links of tags, news, media and places to watch it later. These links appear in the saved folder on left corner of the desktop and on more option on mobile. “Watch Later” videos will also be saved to that folder only.

The main reason behind this “Watch Later” button is to offer more convenient way to stream the video on the Facebook. With the help of this “Watch Later” button, you can spend more time on Facebook while checking some of your friend’s posts.