Facebook testing Nokia’s HERE maps has raised speculations

By | May 12, 2015

Ever since Nokia announced its look out for a buyer for its HERE Maps service, many companies are reported to be linked to buy them. Recently, it seems like Facebook is very much interested to buy the service. It is found quietly testing HERE maps for its mobile version and in its native apps like Instagram and Messenger.


Last month, Nokia had officially announced that it is looking for potential buyers to sell its HERE maps service. Though the company has not directly declared any amount to get through the sale, reports have suggested that Nokia is looking to sell it for a rate close to $2 billion. However, the amount of the deal is expected to go high for the amount of data it has and its intelligent mapping service. Right from that day, Facebook has always been interested to obtain it. And, it was not the only one. Others in the race include Apple, Samsung, Uber, Baidu, Alibaba, Yahoo and few more.

Though there is no official news on Facebook closing the deal, it is expected so as Facebook is already testing the HERE map services. When reached out to them, Facebook spokesperson said, “We are testing Nokia HERE maps across Facebook to give us more control and flexibility in delivering a consistent maps experience.” Spokesperson of HERE said, “I can confirm that we are testing HERE maps in Android versions of some of our standalone apps like Instagram and Messenger as well.”

Nokia spent more than $8 billion to buy HERE maps but it has been generating profit for the company. Despite its enormous database on locations and business data, something was missing for Nokia to make money out of it. But it seems quite attractive about the map for Facebook. Sources suggest that Facebook does not used the map but HERE geocoding. Geocoding is nothing but a service that provides large amount of specific place data to both Facebook and users when tagging a location in the post or picture. But from what is looks, it seems Facebook is trying to have its own in-built mapping solution.

It is definitely better for Facebook to have its own mapping software rather than depending on the one in device. So If Facebook buys HERE, it would be better use for its users, as they would not have to depend on Google or Apple maps for geo-tagging. Also, the mapping service would be a big thing for Facebook Messenger, which is now a giant platform. So the maps service of Nokia would be an added advantage and would make the platform more complete, giving way to developers to develop build apps for the messenger platform with features like geo-tagging.

Though nothing about the deal is sure, the map service to Facebook would be a great deal with many benefits. It has to be noted that it is not the first time Facebook and Nokia are linked together. HERE maps have been fed with data from various social networking company among which Facebook was a part. Also, Facebook and Nokia were even though to come together to make a handset brand. This was much before Nokia sold itself to Microsoft.