Facebook takes measure to weed hoaxes from news feed


Not only are we tired of false Facebook news and hoaxes, Facebook is too!

The king of social networking sites has been a platform to share stories and news whether true or false. Lot of fake news/ hoax like spreading Ebola virus panic to Nasa’s prediction of no sun for three days to “click here to get $5000 from Bill Gates” have gone viral. Looking at the troubles caused by such false news, Facebook has now taken measure to weed hoaxes from the news feed.

weed hoax

The company has announced users can now report if they find a post to be false story or news. More the reports, lesser the post would be seen on the news feed. Though reporting it will not completely remove the post, it would alert the reader  with annotation that the post has been reported hoax by readers. Also, Facebook will look for cases where people would delete posts after realizing its a fake news they have posted.

The hoax can be anything whether a photo, video or post or status. The process is very similar to reporting a post as spam or flagging a violent content.

news-feed-fewer-hoaxes-report-a-story-as-false with options

Facebook has not introduce this filter without reasons. While one is preventing false news from spreading. Other important reason is because people blame Facebook for the annoying posts like game request spams, memes, marketing ads etc. This, thereby, reduces the people count logging into Facebook which is bad for business.

Some have argued that people may report a news fake even if it s true just because they do not believe or to reduce its visibility in the newsfeed. While this feature can certainly reduce the hoaxes from the news feed, it is still vague whether Facebook will take measures to control user from abusing this tool.