Facebook introduces a lightweight video ads formats for developing countries

By | October 30, 2015


Facebook has realized that best growing market for the company is developing countries, as more than half of its revenue comes from international markets. Recently, the social media company had invested in Internet.org for making internet available for more people in the developing countries.

Now, it is working on making its product for slower networks. Earlier this week, the social media giant has introduced a new program named “2G Tuesday”, which allows developer to build Facebook for the slower connection, so that the users living in countries with slow connection can access Facebook easily.

As Facebook is making so much effort, to make its presence stronger in the developing nations, the company is also ready to serve them with some video ads. Today, Facebook has announced a new tool named Slideshow, which will allow advertisers to publish lightweight video ads. This video ads can be accessed by users using 2G network.

As the name suggests, this new light weight video ads format will show a photo slideshow created by the advertising company. This ad works on all the devices with different types of connectivity like 2G Network as well as 3G network, which is common in developing countries like India, Southeast Asia and South America.

It is obvious that Facebook is trying to attract more users as well as more money. The company said that most people in the developing company use mobile phones for connecting to internet, so this new ad format will allow the advertising company to show its ads to wide range of users.