Facebook testing two new shopping features



Facebook is testing two new e-commerce features that will allow its users to buy products outside the news feeds. Though, they are two different features, both features allow you to buy the items from the mobile app itself.

The first shopping feature of the social media giant is called “Canvas”, which will spice up your mobile ad-viewing experience. When you click on a shopping ad, you will be taken to a full screen page of that particular product, where you can select the items color or variant. You can buy product from that page instead of going to the seller’s websites.

The second feature that Facebook is testing comes under the favorites. This feature will show the merchandise of participating brands in the shop section, which was introduced by Facebook back in September. This section also comes with a search option that allows you to search for your specific products. As usual, both shopping features will be available for a small group of people during testing phase.

These new shopping features will definitely benefits the social media websites. According to US comScore study, smartphone users spend most of their time on phone by using some popular apps like Facebook and Instagram. Recently Twitter has added a Buy Now button for in app shopping.