Facebook rolled out interesting features for Messenger app

By | March 26, 2015
Facebook messenger

Facebook has been constantly working on it Messenger app to make communications better and versatile, as smartphones have created smart ways to connect and communicate with new people. Various interesting announcements of the new launches of Messenger app were made at company’s F8 conference.

Facebook messenger

The biggest news at the conference would be the adding of the apps to the platform. Facebook Inc., is opening Messenger so that outside programmers can build features customized for the Messenger.

Messenger would feature more than 40 different apps in the coming days, allowing the users to share spots clips, animations and other items, Facebook said. ESPN and The Weather Channel would be the first ones among the apps.

Almost by the end of next month, Messenger would be adding features that would be able to show store receipts and shipping information to the customers to record the interactions and trade with other vendors or businesses. The service is called “Businesses on Messenger” and the retailer are required to sign up for the service. After placing an order the, customers can head to Messenger if they want to talk to the company’s representative regarding the product.Facebook’s soon-to-launch retailer-focused Messenger service is planning to start with clothing stores Everlane and Zulily. Generally, businesses send many emails regarding the order like confirming the order with the number, dispatch alert and other messages. In Businesses on Messenger service, customer can see all the messages and information in the app.

Apart from the above, Facebook has also announced other new features at F8 that includes upcoming support for 360-degree video in Facebook’s news feed and a ‘share sheet’ that will simplify the task to post updates to the company’s various apps.

“This is just the first step toward creating better sharing experiences across this whole family of apps,” Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on stage at the conference.“We have been building Messenger into a service to express beyond text,” Zuckerberg said. He promised more interesting features will be coming out soon in near future.

Facebook through these new features is working to convert its messaging service to an app that operates independently of the company’s social media networks. This is mainly to withstand the competition it faces from Twitter, Google and apps like Snapchat and WeChat.