Facebook makes its Notes tool stylish and better

By | September 28, 2015


Lately, Facebook has teased about some changes to its Notes tool and now it looks like the company is ready to roll out these changes through its site and mobile apps. The company has announced various changes made to its Notes tool, which now looks like a very good platform for blogging.

Isaac Salier-Hellendag, the User Interface Engineer at Facebook said in a blog post,” Notes are now an even better way to write a longer post and share with anyone — whether it’s a small group of friends or everyone on Facebook.”

Now, users will get an option for more stylish fonts and you can also add a large cover photo at the top of your post. Here, people can also include headers, quotes, lists and photos to their post. Resizing and caption option for photos are also available for the tool. These new updates makes Facebook’s Notes tool more beautiful and customizable.

This new feature will be available for everyone and if you want to check about this update then click here and log-in to your account. This new features will allow you to share your thoughts about anything or you can share about you vacation trips with large cover photos. People will also be able to share their opinion about anything like news or some incident.

This new updates is pretty good, as it let you express your opinion or thoughts in beautiful way.