Facebook Messenger updated for Windows Phone user

By | June 6, 2014
facebook messenger 5.0 app updated

The Facebook Messenger 4.0 is updated to Messenger 5.o. The latest update brings the instant photo sharing feature for the Windows Phone user. The Facebook Messenger (version 5.0) app is available to free to downloaded in the Windows Phone Store.

The new Facebook Messenger update for Windows Phone brings mainly two new features for the Windows Phone users such as – Groups, which allows users to create groups of friends and another one is the Instant Photo Sharing feature, that offers the option to send a clicked image with just one tap in the app. The Latest app update – new Groups feature from Facebook Messenger can also be pinned on the start screen of your device.

facebook messenger 5.0 app updated

The latest updated app of Facebook Messenger 5.0 app’s also improves the performance of the app, which allows the app to do more caching of images such as stickers for better data consumption in the background. The Facebook Messenger v 5.0 also added a new photo gallery, which is built into the Messenger and provides the access to images on the Windows Phone storage without leaving theĀ  messenger app.

This Updated version is already available in other platform such as iOS and Android. The app update has announced on Windows Phone’s official blog, by saying, “An update to Messenger for Windows Phone is rolling out, bringing performance improvements and new features. Taking and sharing a photo is much quicker: you can take and send a photo with just one tap. You don’t have to leave the app to take a photo with a separate camera app.”