Facebook messenger for Android updated with Android Wear support


Facebook messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging service for Android devices. You can send the messages not just for the Facebook friends but also for those on your phonebook and just enter the phone number to the contact. Today Facebook Messenger for Android is updated with significant features, which now comes with Android Wear support.


If you use Facebook Messenger for instant messaging and Android Wear is your smartwatch, then with the latest version you can view the notifications and like or reply to the messages right from your wrist. Message notifications comes just like any other and you can swipe them to access the voice reply or just the single tap “like”.

Facebook is not known usually for grasping the new Android features quickly, but the Android Wear platform is getting the fair treatment from the social network. Now when message has come on Facebook Messenger, the smartwatch don’t feature the generic mirrored notification. You can reply to the message by voice, “like” to the messages and mute notifications from the watch.

This update also changes the notifications on the phone by adding the mute and like buttons. That’s the reason these functions appear on the smartwatch, but the voice reply is just added for the Android Wear. Recently WhatsApp has extended its support to Android Wear and some apps like Attopedia made their debut on Android Wear

So many companies are eager to add their support to Android Wear platform which is the great sign. Now it is clear that Google is committed towards the growth and expansion of Android Wear, which is impressive.

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