On Facebook local pages surpass global pages in reach


Brands with the dreadful presence in the Facebook will now able to drive the better traffic and can get the higher engagement from their Facebook official pages. This has been reported by the survey conducted by Social Bakers, one of the leading provider of the social media statistics and analytic tools.

After screening about 800 local pages and over 5,000 local pages on Facebook they came to the conclusion that Facebook local pages surpass global pages in terms of engagement from the followers. These findings are very crucial for the brand owners who are targeting the users through Facebook across the multiple countries with different subsets of the usage, time zones, preferences and priorities.


Social analysts have always been divided over whether the brands with the global presence should maintain a large and the consolidated global page or have a number of local pages. After detailed study and research, Social Bakers inferred that the interactions per 1,000 visitors are always a matter of rule, higher for the local pages whatever their size. So it is very important for the brands to select the social platforms across which they choose to make their presence felt.

It is observed whatever may be the size of the page, Local Page always gets high interaction than the Global page. It also observed that, as the size of the pages increase so did the difference in rate of engagement between local and global pages. The average reach of the brand page on Facebook is almost 6% and it is expected to decrease further from January 2015.

Since the local pages touch the local topics, so the latest happenings, burning topics in the area know the taste and psyche of the people and availability of the products etc., As the community gets bigger, the engagement level gets better.

Case studies

Here is the case study on some well known brands with the global presence.


  • KitKat : This popular chocolate brand has almost same posting frequency over its local pages and global pages, but the average interaction level on local pages is much higher than that over Global page. Out of 132.7 per 1000 likes for the local pages as compared to 1.4 for global page.
  • KFC : The posting frequency was lesser than all but two of its local pages. In spite if that all but five of Local pages fared better than global page.
  • Visa and Nivea : All the local pages of Visa and Nivea posted more frequently than their global page and all these local pages got more likes, shares and comments as compared to global page.
  • Nissan : The post frequency on the global page was much more than average posting frequency on its local pages. Inspite of that, it got only 3 interactions on an average per 1,000 followers on its global page whereas local page got 276 interactions.

Local page perform better with promoted posts

The study observers that local pages generate greater return on investment as compared to global pages, when it comes to paid promotion of post or call it Boosting. Both the local and global brand pages, examined for study, promoted almost equal number of 13%. Surprisingly, post engagements on local page was found 60% higher than global pages.